“Apocalypse is coming soon!”

“Apocalypse is coming soon!”, a reliable source, a confidant within the American Democratic Party, briefed.


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are reported to have been secretly organizing massive malware attacks targeting the public work of American and European authorities with the financial support of the Soros Fund Management, L.L.C.

According to a reliable source, Hillary Clinton’s “new-born” group of hackers has already launched malicious programs into the Internet. This is likely to destabilize state administrative systems of the U.S.A. and its European supporters.

The ingeniousness of the idea is as follows: the Russian Federation and its President Vladimir Putin will “hold the bag”.

Obviously, this provocation was invented by Hillary Clinton in order to smear President Trump’s reputation and to stop him from implementing his progressive policies.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have once again shown their poor political judgment and lack of values to the world. The imperial ambitions they’re demonstrating have already ruined a variety of international ties with America, and now are destroying it from the inside.


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